Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day

      Dad!  What a wonderful word!  In honor of Father's Day I'm dedicating this post to my very own Dad!  The picture above was taken when I was home from college and was probably around 21.  I love that my dad is standing in the picture with me!
      My very first memory I have of my father was probably when I was 4 years old.  It was an Autumn evening as it was already dark outside and for some reason I was watching a little black and white TV in the hallway, near the entrance of our house.  I have no idea why that TV was on the floor in the hallway but it was.  I even remember the television show I was watching, Mighty Mouse!  Suddenly the door opened and in walked dad from work.  My whole being lit up and I remember being so excited that my dad was home.  I forgot about my television show and I think I may have said, "Dad's home!"  What an exciting part of my day.  I distinctly remember Dad picking me up and carrying me around.  I'm not sure how old I was when he stopped carrying me around but I remember when he told me I was getting too big to carry around.  I wanted him to hold me and I was standing in front of the kitchen entrance and asked him to hold me and he told me I was too big to hold anymore.  I remember being kind of sad about that but I'm sure I was too big at that point.  But oh how I loved my father's affection. My father made me feel like I was his favorite child and to this day I secretly believe this, even if all my other siblings think the same thing--I know the truth and I'm not even joking when I say this.
     Some of my memories of my father are just memories of daily life. Things like watching my dad wrestle with my brothers at the end of a Family night and mom being worried about them breaking the leg of the dining room table. Dad being sick in the hospital when I was in 1st grade but not realizing that he was at death's door.  I do remember him coming home and being in bed for a long time.  I always thought his scar on his stomach was really amazing.  Dad square dancing with me at Craig school  This was the highlight of my school year.   Dad grilling burgers on a charcoal grill on a humid Sunday afternoon.  Dad installing a fan blowing the air out of my bedroom window and me being amazed when it actually brought some nice cool air into the adjacent window.  Dad working at Silar labs with his white shirt that was slowly eroding off his body.  Catching rides to school in the car Dad used as his work car.  Dad would brag that he never needed to wash that car because a white car doesn't show dirt very well.  I thought that was odd that a white car didn't show dirt but he's right-it's easier to see dirt build up on a dark car than a light car.  The station was always turned to talk radio but I didn't mind. Dad driving non stop to Utah and while driving asking Mom to pass him up a piece of fried chicken.  I even remember as a young girl that we stopped at a hotel and I was asleep but I have a hazy memory of Dad carrying me into the hotel room. Dad getting excited about blueberry pie-his favorite!  It's my favorite too. Dad was excited about food in general and that's why I think he enjoys gardening so much.  Whether it's a nice piece of fruit, a fresh garden tomato or a bowl of popcorn-I know he loves good food.  Dad was smart in that he groomed all of us girls to know how to make a good bowl of popcorn.  He did this by singing our praises when we would make a nice bowl of popcorn whether it was by electric frying pan, hot air popper, or even microwaved, he was thankful.  The only food he expressed displeasure over that I can recall growing up was cream cheese.  Dad helping me with my math homework and slapping his forehead when I was whining because I was confused and baffled.  I'm sure dad was thinking, "How could this be my own flesh and blood and her not understand math concepts????"  I think I was 16 when dad got so annoyed by my whining that he spanked me.  I was ashamed I had behaved so badly but a lot of my teenage years I seemed to be in a fog when it came to science and math.  I suppose I had a hard time concentrating in those classes because now I think I could take a math class and enjoy it.  Dad going off to golf and mom being annoyed that it took all day.  Dad going to the grocery store and mingling around the fruit section looking for new fruits to try.  Dad being the bishop.  Dad being a counselor in the Stake Presidency, Dad being Stake president.  Dad being Stake patriarch.  Dad playing basketball.  Dad taking us mini-golfing in the summer for FHE.  We really played by the rules of the game and now when I go I get annoyed if people don't play by the rules of Miniature golfing.  I suppose I could go on and on with all these random memories.  They are all good memories, not a bad memory in the lot.  But most of all I remember the love I felt from my dad growing up and I still feel to this day whether it's talking to him on the phone or sitting next to him watching golf on TV.  I always know that he loves me and I love him.  He is the greatest example of what a father should be and it's too bad the rest of the world could not have him as a father-so I consider myself eternally grateful.
The following are 10 questions I will answer about my Dad just for fun.
1. My dad is 78 years old.
2. What is your dad's favorite color?  Wow, that's a good one.  I'm not really sure but I would guess Blue because who doesn't like the color blue.  Plus it's the color of his eyes.  That's why it's my favorite color.
2.What is your Dad's favorite food?  Oh so many.  Blueberry Pie, popcorn, fruit, cherry pie, chili.
3.  Where is your Dad's favorite place to go?  Well, I think his favorite place to be is at home, but if he has to go somewhere maybe it would be on a date to Red Lobster with Mom.
4.  What does your dad like to do when he's not at work?  I think dad likes to watch tv, and he likes to garden, and he likes to bowl.
5.If Dad was a cartoon character, who would he be?  Probably Bugs Bunny because Bugs Bunny is witty, funny and smart.
6.How are you and your Dad the same?  We both have blue eyes and we both can hear harmonies in songs naturally.
7.  If my dad had time he would love to?  I think he would love to organize his stamp and coin collection.
8.What's something your dad likes to say?  Growing up dad would always say, "Admiral Butterback"  when he wanted the butter passed to him at the dinner table.
9.What's your Father's name?  Terry G. Selin  The G stands for his mother's maiden name "Goss", I believe.
10.  What would you like to give your dad?  A hug, a kiss and tell him how much I love him!

Happy Father's Day Dad!
I would be ungrateful if I didn't add how wonderful my father-in-law is on this Father's Day Tribute.  What a wonderful family I married into.  My father-in-law, Clint Gillespie has been generous to our family in all ways and he has loved me and my family!  Thank you Dad Gillespie and I love you.
Finally, my best friend, and husband who is the father of our children.  What a wonderful choice I made in a husband!  He is a wonderful father and I'm so thankful that he has been a great example to not only me but our children as well.  We are all anxious for him to come home from Afghanistan in 4 days!!  What a great reunion that will be.  I love you Paul!

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  1. Your tribute is wonderful and I can only echo what was said. Dad's wonderfulness is constantly on display by his actions. -- Doug