Thursday, May 3, 2012


Saarburg is one of my favorite little towns in Germany and so while Robin, Elaina and Rachel were visiting I wanted to take therm there.  The reason why I love this little town is because it's old.  They still have working water wheels, old houses dating back to the 1600's and it's just a cute town overall.  This town was a mariner and fishing town and there are still symbols on some of the houses letting us know if a fisherman lived in the house or a mariner.  There is also a cute little train that drives around the town letting people on and off.  There is an alpine slide and a cable car that you can ride on.  Unfortunately these things are closed on Monday's but no matter-we enjoyed our time in Saarburg.  Here are some pictures to prove we were there.
Here is the river that flows through Saarburg.  This is the waterfall that flows down that enters the waterwheels a little further down river.
The water enters the troughs that hug the sides of these buildings and you can see the wheels turn.  It's really very picturesque.
Here's a different view from a higher point.
This river runs right through the middle of the town.  There are a lot of restaurants as you can see by all the umbrellas.
One last view.
Here is the entrance to the old homes, some built in the 1600's.
Here's a building that has been here since the 1600's.  The date is above the door.

The symbols above the door on this house shows us that whoever lived here was a mariner.

This area here is called "little Venice."  It was just one small little part of Saarburg.

A prettier picture without me in it.

Here is a cool picture taken from a tower with the river in view.
Finally a picture of the fisherman part of town and the cute houses there.  That's the end of the tour of Saarburg and I'm sure I will go there again to take other guests to the beautiful place.

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