Friday, May 25, 2012

Pin Cushion

I have had the opportunity recently to try out the magical world of Acupuncture.  I don't know that I'm totally sucked into this method of treatment but since I had the chance to try it out...I took it.  A man at our church, who is a Doctor of psychiatry and Family medicine was recently selected to add Acupuncturist to his titles.  He has been taking classes and traveling back to the states to learn how to use this alternative medicine.  He has recently asked people he knows if we have any pain or ailments that bother us.  If we tell him what they are he asks us if we would like to try acupuncture as a treatment.  Last week I was riding in his van with a group of people and his wife asked me if I had any pain  that he could practice his acupuncture.  No, I had to admit, I had no aches or pains but I did mention I didn't sleep very well.  The Doctor piped up at this point and told me he could try acupuncture on me that would help me relax.  Oh, this sounded good to me so I agreed to be his guinea pig. When we got to his house it only took a few minutes for him to figure out where to put the pins and here's a picture of what my ears looked like when he was done.

I had these pins in each ear, however for some reason this ear only shows 2 pins.  I think I lost one of them on the way home, but the other ear had 3 pins in it.If you notice the top of my ear is kind of red-apparently that is a good sign, but I'm not sure why.  I was instructed to leave the pins in for 20 minutes and then I could take them out.  It drove home which took me about 20 minutes and then headed for bed since it was quite late.  I took out the pins or needles or whatever you call these things things and went to bed.  Amazingly, I slept the night without waking up in the middle of the night and woke up at my regular time which was 5:30 am.  I was pretty happy with the results but what was even more amazing I fell back asleep until 8:00.  Usually when I wake up in the morning-that's it-no more sleep but for some reason I was able to go back to sleep.

I reported my results to the Dr. the next day and he was happy I had such a good experience.  He suggested he put in these little gold acupuncture studs to leave in my ears for 5 days.  I agreed to this also.  Here is one of the little gold studs and you can see how tiny they really are.
I'm holding this in my hand and if you look carefully you can see if has a little barb on it.  This helps it stay in place but eventually they fall out.  So the Dr.inserted three of these little studs in the same places as the original pins.  I was to wear them for 5 days.  After they were in place I came to realize I probably shouldn't have done this as I was supposed to go to a Ward Conference the next day and these little gold stud kind of looked like little earrings.  I didn't want the girls I visited thinking I had multiple piercings in my ear.  Oh well, the next day I tried to strategically arrange my hair so my ears were covered.  It would have been fine except I kept putting my hair behind my ears as it's a habit I have and didn't realize I was doing that.  I tried to stop doing that but I guess thats a hard habit to break.  I finally told the YW leaders I was visiting that I didn't have multiple piercings but I was trying out some acupuncture for a sleep problem.  I'm sure they were thinking I was a nut, but it was too late.  Yesterday I took them out but I only had to take one out since the other ones all fell out somewhere during the week.  Here's a picture of the lone one left in my ear before I took it out.
Just so you know, it does not go all the way through the ear so my ears were not pierced through and through. 

So you are probably wondering how it all worked out.  Well, I didn't think the gold posts worked as well as the original needles I had.  Maybe it was the power of suggestion that first day, I don't know.  But it's hard to say because while I had the gold posts in I had some things going on that stressed me a bit.  for instance the first night they were in, Giuilana came in at 2:30 am to tell me she was home from Prom.  I heard her come in so that woke me up.  Then on Monday I was asked to teach seminary and so I was stressing out about the lesson which caused me to wake up multiple times.  I think it did help me relax but sometimes my mind is mightier than the medicine.  So my conclusion is, I definitely think there is a place for acupuncture in the medicine wold.

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