Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day, I'm dedicating this blog to who else?  My mother!  I love the picture above because my mom looks like she's a teenager!  I think she is probably about 33 years old in this picture.  Here she stands in front of the house I grew up in. Yes, what you see is real--a pink and grey house. Mom's favorite color is pink so perhaps that was the draw that got them to buy that house!   Actually I quite like the pink and grey look and I'm not sure when the colors changed to grey and white but it seems like it was grey and white most of my childhood.  In the background you can see my mom planted some flowers.  I suspect they are petunias, they sure look cute. Eventually that flower box came down along with those big globe like bushes.  In place of the bushes, mom had a flower garden that was really nice.  I remember one year she was nursing a begonia in that flower garden and eventually she was successful, that begonia was really pretty.  What a cute house, with a cute mom and a cute family.
Mom never did want to live permanently in New York.  I think my dad said something like they would only stay 5 years--now it's been 50+ years.  My dad likes to say, he didn't specify which 5 years it would be.  For awhile every summer we would all get in the station wagon and head west for Utah.  It was 3 day journey of long days.  Mom would prepare and plan for this 3 day trip in the car and we would live off fried chicken, boiled eggs, sandwiches of boiled ham and swiss cheese, poptarts and mini boxes of cereal.  I think I lived off the poptarts and cereal for 3 days.  We would have a great time in Utah and Mom and Dad made sure we hit the highlights like, Hogle Zoo, Lagoon, and getting spudnuts at the cottonwood mall.  Of course those were my highlights. I'm sure mom and dad only cared about visiting the family.  One year when it was time to leave I noticed Mom crying.  I remember saying to her..."Why are you crying?  We're going home!!"  What I didn't realize at the time was Mom didn't consider NY her home.  Nonetheless, we went home.

Here is a picture of Mom in 1977.  She is 43 in this picture.  Remember when Mom's got corsages for Mother's Day.  I do.  When we would go to church there would be lots of Mom's wearing coursages.  I'm quite sure this was Mother's Day because when this picture was sent to me it said, "Best Mother!"  Everything is green and so that tells me it had to be around May.  So here's to Mom, my greatest example of what it is to be Christlike.  I doubt I will ever be as selfless, kind, long suffering or charitable as mom but my goal is to try to be like her.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!  I love you.
Just for fun I will answer these 12 questions about Mom.
1.  What is your Mother's name?  Helen Janet Savage Selin.  She goes by her middle name, Janet.
2.  My Mom's favorite food is?  Well, I know she likes chocolate because she used to hide Hershey kisses in the back of the refrigerator! But if we are talking real food I would have to say Homemade bread and Homemade jam.  Sometimes when I watch mom eat the bread and jam I think, "Would you like a little bread with that jam?", because she puts so much jam on the bread!
3.  The funniest thing I ever saw my mom do was?  Oh there are so many choices!  One of the funniest things I saw mom do was decide to wear a wig.  I walked in from school one day and wondered what had happened to my mom.  There mom sat in the living room with this reddish wig on.  She smiled at me and I was not sure I liked what I saw.  I thought it was weird and after that day I don't remember mom wearing that wig again.  In fact, I think that wig ended up in our toy box and we kids got a lot of amusement out of that wig.
4.I think my Mom would like to go...To Utah.I think Mom to this day would like to move back to Utah even though all her brothers and all but one of her sisters have died.  I think it will always be her home.
5.  The thing I hear my Mom say the most is:  I do my best but it's just never good enough!
6.  What was your mothers favorite subject in school?  Wow, you know, I don't even know the answer to this question.  I suspect it was english because Mom is a good writer.
7. :I wish my Mom wouldn't say: she is not pretty.  I've always thought I favored my mom and when she says that I think, "but I look like you, and I think I'm pretty!"
8.:My mother is :78 years old!  But she doesn't look that old!
9.  I love it when: my Mom tries not to smile.  It's so funny when she tries to pretend to be disgusted about something but really she's trying not to smile.
10.  If I could give my mom anything, I would giver her:  A hug and a kiss.
11.  When my Mom wakes up she:  has watery eyes.  I used to notice that in the morning sometimes she would have a tear running down her cheek.
12.  I love my Mom because:  So many reasons I love my mom but I think I love my mom because,  she loves me!

 One more awesome mom.  Here are two pictures of my mother-in law, Elma Gillespie.  Although my mother-in law passed away several years ago, she is not forgotten.  I know Paul will be thinking about her on Mother's Day as she was a wonderful mom as well.  I love this first picture as she is young and beautiful.  I never saw her with long hear like this but she is stunning

 Below is a picture of how I remember my Mother-in-law.  She was always so good to me and I loved her.  I know I will see her again but I still miss her.


  1. What a beautiful post dedicated to two wonderful mothers. One of them I share with you.

  2. Wow! I didn't realize I was so good. I still have watery eyes, especially when I read this blog. Thank you, I love you. Mom