Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zippity Do Dah!

This week has been full of excitement and I have been forced to get out of my comfort zone by driving to places I have never been to, and doing things that totally make me nervous. Usually when we get company Paul is the designated driver as we ferry our guests around seeing all the sights and sounds.  I'm free to look out the windows and relax while Paul navigates the narrow German streets and figure out how to park a van in a spot that's barely big enough for a smart car.  Well, now the tables have turned and since Paul is not here it's up to me to ferry the guests around, navigate the narrow German streets and figure out where to even park.
Rachel, my niece showed up at our doorstep on Friday afternoon and it's been a party ever since.  Of course we have tried to entertain her a little bit which included me figuring out how to get places. Saturday we decided our fun activity would be the ropes course that is not too far from Kaiserslautern.  I was thinking I would just watch the girls do the ropes course because I have done a ropes course before and also because I was nervous about learning how to do it again.  Then I decided I shouldn't let my anxiety get the best of me because the last time I tried a ropes course, I loved it.  So it was decided-I would do the ropes course too.  We paid for our ticket and got outfitted. 
Rachel and Giuliana look pretty cute with their helmets and harness on.
I on the other hand...look ridiculous! I had the hardest time keeping my helmet on as it kept slipping to the back of my head. Giuliana told me I needed a child's helmet, but after about an hour of fussing with my hat I finally got it so it felt good on my head.
Here is Giuliana and Rachel starting their climb on one of the courses.  This was a medium level course.  I was following right behind them.
 This is Rachel making her way across the wooden squares.
Zippity do dah!  The ziplines were everyone's favorite!
I did everything the girls did but since I was the only one taking pictures there are really not any pictures of me.  There was only one of the courses That I couldn't complete and that was the "gray" course.  Rachel couldn't do it either but Giuliana could!  The gray course entailed climbing up this two story high cargo net and I couldn't even make it 5 feet off the ground without my back sagging to the ground. It was so hard!  Giuliana must have some amazing upper body strength.  In the end, however I felt like I faced my fears and had a great time.

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