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I have just recently finished the book, The Hunger Games.  Of course this book has been quite popular for some time and now that a  movie has been made from the book it's become even more popular.  I came to the realization after reading that book that it's really hard to surprise me.  Don't get me wrong, I like to be surprised but after thinking about the concept of  surprise, I realize I don't surprise easily.  Anyway, as I was reading the book I would start thinking what turn the main plot would take. I then realized I was probably right and then I would find myself disappointed because I figured out what was going to happen.  This happens quite often with movies and I am so mad at myself for figuring things out.  For example, the Sixth Sense.  I didn't know anything at all about the movie when I went to see it.  About 1/2 way through the movie, I figured out that Bruce Willis was really dead.  I was so mad at myself for figuring that out that I could hardly enjoy the movie anymore.  So, back to the book.  I told Giuliana all my theories on what I thought would happen in the book.  As I told her my theories she was not allowed to smile or frown or give any indications if I was right or wrong in my assesments.   I gave her several theories about what I thought the author could do with the storyline.  It turns out all of the theories I put out there pretty much happened in the book!  I was actually surprised that the author included all the theories I had told Giuliana about. (I guess there was a surprise for me after all!) But the story line did not surprised me.  All in all, I enjoyed the book even if I thought it was somewhat predictable and I am looking forward to seeing the movie sometime.    I remember when I was 16 my friends threw me a surprise party....the problem was I totally suspected they were doing this and when I had to actually walk in the front door I didn't want to pretend to be surprised.  I just really didn't want to walk in the door--but I did, and yes, I acted surprised.  One time Paul bought me a bathrobe for Christmas.  I suspected that's what he bought me, (and it's something I really wanted) and I was right, I got a bathrobe and I acted surprised.  Haha, (Sorry Paul!)    So today I started thinking,  What kind of things have really surprised me in my life.  Honestly, I could hardly think of anything even though I'm sure there have been many.  Here are the few I thought of.
1.  Spencer's Mission Call.  When Bryan and Clint opened their mission calls I was not really surprised by their calls.  It just seemed to me that Bryan had a good chance of going to Italy--and he did.  I thought Clint had a good chance of going to either Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore and he went to Taiwan.  But for some reason when Spencer read his mission call aloud, and said, Cape Town, South Africa-I was completely taken off guard.  I had not expected that in a million years.  I'm still surprised every time I think about it.  To me it is a perfect fit for Spencer but that mission never even entered my mind, not even for a second.
2.Dan Marrying Laura.  When Dan started dating Laura I had high hopes they would get together.  After awhile I started losing hope and I was sure it wasn't going to happen.  I was quite down about it but you know you can't force these things.  I guess Dan decided to  take matters into his own hands and gave Laura a time limit to decide whether she wanted to marry him or not. It was a pretty short time limit.  We are not talking days, we are talking hours or maybe even minutes, I'm not sure.  Dan learned from Paul's mistake when he asked me and it took me a year to come back and say yes!  Anyway, I was surprised when Laura said "Yes!"
3.The time I heard a voice while sleeping that said, "Dan didn't get the job!"  Laura and I had made big plans to try and live near each other. At one point Paul was trying to get a job in Florida so that we could move down there, as that is where Dan and Laura were living.  We were both sorely disappointed when Paul didn't get that job and that we wouldn't live near each other that year, but we kept scheming.  Then it seemed Dan was trying for the perfect job in Colorado Springs.  I can't really remember what the job was but it had to do with leading a squadron of cadets and kind of being in charge of them.  Both Laura and I were really excited about this prospect because Paul knew he was going to be going back the AF Academy for a teaching assignment in a year or so.  Laura and I both prayed for this assignment for Dan.  Laura, would ask me every time she called, "Do you think we will get this assignment?"  I assured her that yes, I thought that they would.  One night I was sound asleep and I was awakened by a voice or this penetrating thought that said very clearly,  "Dan didn't get the job!"  I was startled by this revelation and I thought to myself that I needed to jump out of bed and start praying that he would get the job.  So I quickly got out of bed to kneel down to pray when the voice then said, "It's too late, the decision has already been made."  I remember I kept saying, "No, no," in my mind but that was it.  I felt terrible about it.  The next morning I told Paul about this experience and I'm not sure what he thought but I think it was later that afternoon that Paul somehow got a list of the people chosen for this job that Dan wanted and his name was not on the list.  Dan did not get the job.  Laura even called me that day with her usual question, "Yvonne, do you think we'll get the job."  I knew the answer, but didn't want to tell her, but I heard myself saying, "Yes, Laura, I think Dan will get the job. The most surprising thing about this whole story was Dan got a different job at the AF Academy, one that was much better for him and his family which allowed them to buy a house across the street from where we lived in Colorado Springs.
4. Paul being selected to get his PHD.  While Paul was working at the AF Academy he had the chance to apply to be selected to be sponsored for a PHD.  Both Paul and I thought it would be a great thing if he was selected but we both thought it was a long shot as they only pick one person from the History Department for this program.  We decided that Paul should try for this every year because maybe one of the years he would be selected.  Boy were we surprised when we learned Paul was selected that very first year.  What surprised me most is they decided to pick three people to get their PHD that year.  I'm so glad that Paul decided to try for it that very first year as his odds were the best for getting chosen the year he applied.
5.  Getting the highest grade in my class on a history test in 10th grade. When I was young I really didn't consider myself very academic.  In fact I thought I was just kind of average and I seemed to struggle a lot when it came to Math and Science. I remember one girl in my 9th grade earth science class say to me once,  "Yvonne, I used to think you were really smart because you wore glasses."  I remember I felt really sad when she said that.  But the one class I had that I seemed to do really well  in was Social Studies.  I never had any troubles in that class and one day the teacher handed out our tests that he had graded and announced that I had scored the highest grade on that test.    I routinely scored the high grade from then on, and I was always surprised.  I only wish that girl who made the comment in 9th grade was in my history class.
6.The Reverse Suprise Party.   Okay, so the one time someone could really surprise me on my birthday was the time Rick, (my brother in law) took me out to dinner for my birthday when I was doing a Spring term at BYU.  Rick was taking some final classes for his degree that Spring and I thought it was so nice of him to take me out to dinner.  I totally didn't expect him to throw me a surprise party as I didn't think he knew who my friends were.  We went to dinner at a really nice restaraunt and then he said he wanted to stop by his apt. for something.  I followed him in and sat and waited and waited.  After a good 15 minutes he finally fessed up and told me my roommates and other friends were supposed to be there to say "Surprise!" to me.  Man, that would have really surprised me and I was surprised Rick went to all the trouble to set this up.  We decided that when the people finally arrived I would be hiding in the back room and when everyone was there I would pop out and say, "Surprise!"  It was so funny and it worked like a charm.  Everyone who was there was so confused and just sat there not knowing what to do!  Oh well, that was a surprise I gave to them!
I guess I can conclude that life is full of surprises both good and bad.  They don't roll around too often but when they do it's a total surprise!

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