Thursday, March 8, 2012

Songs-take 2

So 2 weeks ago Giuliana was my guest blogger and her blog was about how certain songs remind her of certain people in our family,  It was a lot of fun to read and so I guess I'm going to copy what she did this week but instead of doing my family as in my children, and husband, I am going to do my family that I grew up with.  You know, my brothers and sisters and mom and dad.  There are reasons why certain songs remind me of each person so I will give an explanation of why these songs remind me of them.
So first up, Dad!  Okay, to be honest, for the longest time I struggled with this and could only think of one song that I thought he liked.  It was an album we had and I don't even know the name of it but it was a classical album but I think a synthesizer was used to play this classical music.  It sounded pretty cool and very electronic.  I seem to recall the song "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring"  I recall it was played quickly and sounded very electronic.  The problem is, I'm not exactly sure if I am even remembering this correctly so I decided I couldn't really count this because it's not exactly clear to me.  One memory I do have of a song I'm quite sure dad liked was Flight of the Bumblebee.  I recall dad sitting at the piano plunking parts of this song out.  Then as I got older I realized the sheet music he was plunking from was called Bumble Boogie.  Clint loved this song as well and has worked on it here and there as well.  So for your entertainment.  Here's a clip of Liberace in his early years playing Bumble Boogie.  I'm pretty sure Dad likes all different genres of music just like me so it was hard to think of one that reminded me of him, but Flight of the Bumble Bee and Bumble Boogie remind me of Dad.

Mom was actually quite easy and two songs came to me right off the bat.  She taught them to me when I was young but I don't know that very many people know these two songs anymore.  I still know them both and can hear mom's voice singing them.

The second song is another one mom taught me and I always wondered what a rain barrel was and how do you slide down my cellar door?.  Anyway, I really liked this song because I could imagine myself playing with my little friends when I sang this song.  I couldn't find the exact version how I remember it but the following video is pretty close, except for their twangy accents.
Eric-Again I struggled because although I remember Eric listening to a lot of music growing up, I was not really familiar with the kinds of music he liked.  I do remember he had a guitar at some point  and remember him strumming the beginning of Smoke on the Water.  So whenever I hear those beginning notes, I think of Eric sitting on his bed in the basement with a carton of malted milk balls and perhaps an empty wrapper of marshmallows,  practicing that little phrase.
Doug-There are 2 songs that come to my mind when I think about Doug.  I think he would be surprised to hear that the first song I  think of that reminds me of Doug is a song by Abba.  I can't tell you if Doug started liking Abba before his mission or after, but in my mind it seems like it was before his mission.  My memory has faded a bit but it seems he came home after his first semester at BYU and played us this song that he liked.  I will forever think of Doug when this song comes on and although it's an older song, it still gets played quite a bit, and I love it.
The next song that will forever be associated with Doug and has a funny story associated with it.  One day Doug was at home, I think it was after his mission.  I heard him singing the song "Escape", otherwise known as "The Pina Colada song".  At one point he started singing the chorus of the song and I heard him say, "If you like bean enchilada's, getting caught in the rain...."  I wasn't sure I heard him right but when I heard him say it a second time I think I busted out laughing.  I thought that was hilarious!  Doug couldn't live it down after that and it's been a family joke ever since.  It's too bad Doug didn't make a parody of that song kind of like Weird Al Yankovich would do.  Doug could be rolling in the Benjamins if he had! I can hear it now, "If you like bean enchilada's, with sour cream or just plain, dominoes are my favorite, perhaps Mexican train..."

 Deanne-Of course I remember Deanne playing the piano and practicing her pieces over and over. Whenever I hear the song, Moonlight Sonata, I think of her as it is one of the few pieces I actually remember the name of that she played.

The other song I that always reminds me of Deanne is the song Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft. One year for my birthday I got 2 small records or 45's.  I think Doug and Deanne went in on the gift together but I'm not sure.  The 2 45's they gave me were, "The Lion Sleeps tonight" and the other one was Summer Breeze.  One day I went to play my record Summer Breeze and I couldn't find it.  Apparently Deanne had "borrowed" it for a party.  I don't recall if I ever found it but I always suspected this song was one Deanne really liked and wanted,  and that's why she bought it.....for me.  It's kind of like a Christina Gillespie gift, which got dubbed, :A fweeny gift".  You know the gift you really want for yourself but you buy it for someone else so you can use it.  Actually I quite like the song once I had listened to it but I remember when I recieved it, that I really didn't know it. I think Deanne must of liked it because the lyrics are quite poetic and Deanne is quite poetic herself.  I hear the song every so often and my mind always goes back to that birthday and of course Deanne.

 Last but not least...Laura!  When I would come home for a visit I was always interested in what Laura was listening to.  She would turn on the stereo and do all these gymnastic stretches including the splits while the music was on.  It always seemed like a Peter Cetara song was on while she was engaged in this activity.  I guess that's why I think of Laura.  I'm pretty sure she liked Peter Cetara , along with a different Peter and maybe the 2 have just meshed together in my mind but this is the song that always makes me think of Laura.
So there you have it. In my mind these are the songs that remind me of my parents and my siblings.  No one can argue with me because these are my memories, no matter how warped they are!

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