Thursday, March 1, 2012


Bryan gave me a book for Christmas called, "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" by Agatha Christie.  I had never read an Agatha Christie book before and I'm not sure why.  I love watching programs about murder mysteries like Monk or Psych or even real life ones like 48 hours.  I really enjoyed this Agatha Christie mystery but must admit I would make a horrible detective.  Throughout the entire book Agatha Christie gives  all the clues needed to figure out who done it-but even by the last chapter I was flip-flopping on who I thought could have done the heinous deed.  Of course Agatha Christie wraps up all the loose ends and the clues we have been presented with finally make sense when you think like the perpetrator.  I guess I'm not very good at putting the clues together.

So for your enjoyment I have taken some pictures and want you to use my pictures as your clues.  See if you can think of what these clues mean overall.

Picture #1
Any guesses?

Picture #2
How about now?

Picture #3
Well?  Have you got it yet?  If you have you are a good detective, or you are just on the same wave length as me.  Haha.
Picture #4
Hmmmm...What could it mean?
Picture #5
Well, if you haven't figured it out yet-you will on the next picture.

Picture #6
Now you must know!!!  Okay one last picture.
Picture #7

If you guessed Spring is coming, you are right!  Picture #1-I noticed all this dried grass and straw all over my balcony the other day.  What in the world?  I decided the birds have started making their homes to have a place for their babies.  I actually had to chuckle when I saw this grass because our landlord just paid a lot of money last summer installing the following: 
There is a big problem with the birds making nests all over the beams of this house and so they installed these wires on practically every edge of the house.  Well, apparently the birds found a place anyway right outside our balcony between the house and the gutter.

Picture #2 just shows the land outside our backyard and the man is getting ready to plant his garden and the soil has been turned over.  Picture #3  I found this little bug, (perhaps a boxelder bug) sunning itself on a brick wall by the school bus.  Picture #5  It's finally warm enough to hang out the laundry!  Picture #6  Our little local hardware store has put out the seeds for planting-I wish I could plant a garden myself but there is no place to do it at this house.  Picture #7  The crocus's are out!  I love these little flowers as they come in all different colors and they are very unassuming.  You wouldn't notice them unless you pay attention.  Anyway, If you just casually looked around my village you wouldn't notice these things as it still looks like winter.  There are no leaves, in fact no buds on the trees.  The bushes are still bare, the grass is brown and it still gets quite chilly.  But if you really look close, things are coming back to life.  You just have to look for the clues!



  1. My guess was - Springtime is coming, but then again I am an avid Poirot fan! Doug

  2. Ahh, you are a true sleuth!