Thursday, February 9, 2012


The first time I ever tried Sushi was in Alabama.  Yes, Alabama!  Clint was getting ready for his mission to Taiwan and right before we were to leave for Utah I told Clint I would take him our to lunch.  He picked this place called Tokoyo, which was a Japenese Restaurant right there in Prattville.  Clint showed me what to order, and how to eat it.  I was hooked!  Since that day I have loved Sushi and have since tried many different kinds of Sushi at different places.  There is a place in Utah called Sushi-ya that my boys love going to.  You can pay 20 dollars for all you can eat Sushi but you better make sure you can eat what you order, otherwise they will make you pay extra for what you don't eat.  It's a good place to try all different kinds of Sushi.  So, recently Giuliana had a really good Laurels class activity.  They asked Sister Ford who is 100% Japenese to come in and teach them how to make Sushi.    That evening they walked out with some beautiful looking Sushi.Giuliana told me that it was quite easy and she thought we could make it at home. I was excited at the prospect and went out and bought all the ingredients to make our own homemade Sushi.  Weeks went by and we never got around to making this Sushi.  Then one day Misa Ford asked our family to come over for a Sushi night at their house. Did we ever!  It just so happened Spencer and Bryan were home for the holidays and they were really looking forward to this dining experience.  This experience didn't disappint and I found out that sushi can be a build your own experience-kind of like building a taco.  It doesn't have to be little round discs.  It can be cone shaped or taco shaped.  We had all sorts of things to put in it as well like, shrimp, chicken, (cooked of course), smoked salmon, pickled radish, cucumber, avocado, imitation crab and rice.  It was a wonderful experience.

As I was straining my brain on what to get Giuliana for Christmas I came across an interesting gadget.  It is called a Sushezi and it makes Sushi.  I read the reviews on it and it sounded pretty good so I got it for her.  She loved it!  Now all we had to do was try it out to see if it really worked.  When we heard Mark Gillespie got his mission call to Japan we decided in honor of his mission call we would make a batch of Sushi for dinner using the Sushezi. 
Here is what it looks like out of the box.  It opens up and you take the plunger thing out.  You fill up the cavity with rice and then put whatever you like in the middle, shrimp, tuna avocado, whatever.  Then you snap it closed like the top picture and you take the plunger and push it out of the end!
You push it out onto some seaweed paper and wrap the paper around it and wet the seam so it's closed.  Cut it in slices and....................
Walla!  Beautiful Sushi.  Pretty cool huh!  We put avocado and shrimp an in one.  crab and cucumber in the other.  Both were delicious.  We dipped them in soy sauce mixed with wasabi.  Delish!

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  1. Sounds like you and Lindsey's husband Rob would get along really well. He loves Sushi! And Lindsey bought him a Sushi set-up for Christmas too.