Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Blog Post- Songs

       So, this is actually Giuliana writing this blog post this week! Pretty exciting, right? I thought it'd be cool if I guest posted this week. So here I am.

       Okay so what has been on my mind a lot lately? Songs. I'm not really sure why, but I've just been singing a lot. Especially when Mom and I went to Pirmasens on the train, I couldn't stop singing! I don't know why! But the songs "Set fire to the Rain" by ADELE and "Dear John" by Taylor Swift were just stuck in my head all day!

       Later that day, Hailey Shumate (she also came with us to Pirmasens) told me that "Set Fire to the Rain" would always remind her of me from now on. Then it got me thinking, what songs remind me of which people? I came up with a lot just for our family. Here are the results.

Dad -

1. Without a doubt- Hotel California by Eagles reminds me of my dad! Every time we listen to his iPod that is the first song we hear.

2. Of course, this song reminds me of my dad just because he's the one who first showed me this song, and its truly one of my favorite old-ish songs. It brings back such good memories! :)

 3. The next song is one of the FEW contemporary songs that my dad actually likes. I also love how he changes the lyrics to " And my daddy said stay away from Giuliana!"
Listen to Love Story (it should start playing when you go to the website)
(it won't let me listen to that song here in Germany on Youtube)

4. The last song that reminds me of my dad is.. "Fire" by The Pointer Sisters! If you've noticed, a lot of the songs my daddy likes have to do with Romeo and Juliet. Just saying. Hahaha

Bryan -
The only reason I bought this song on iTunes was because Bryan kept on singing this song over Christmas break and it kinda grew on me! So here is "I Just Wanna Run" by Downtown Fiction. An alternate version he likes to sing is "I just wanna smootch!"


Remember when Clint set the background of our little Nokia phone to Lady Madonna, that he composed on the phone? Well I will forever associate that song with him!


1. Of course. Is there any question why this reminds me of Spencer?
2. Bootsaneenee! Bootsaneenee! Bootsaneene Bootsanee-nay!


She used to hate this song, but now she thinks its catchy. I really don't associate many song with Mom because we like the same music. But this song really does remind me of her!

Listen to Fire Burning by Sean Kingston (you will probably not like it) but oh well :) Mom likes it. Because it says "birthday cake" in the lyrics.

Songs are funny, like that. I have so many good memories associated with these songs! I'm glad I got to share!



  1. And that song that reminds your mom of Uncle Doug? That would be "Escape" by Rupert Holmes, aka "The Pina Colada" song, aka "The Bean Enchilada Song".

  2. Yes that is true! I should do the same kind of blog about my siblings. That would be fun. Maybe next time. Escape is only one of the songs that reminds me of you Doug. I have few others too. You'll just have to wait for it.