Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Blog Post- Songs

       So, this is actually Giuliana writing this blog post this week! Pretty exciting, right? I thought it'd be cool if I guest posted this week. So here I am.

       Okay so what has been on my mind a lot lately? Songs. I'm not really sure why, but I've just been singing a lot. Especially when Mom and I went to Pirmasens on the train, I couldn't stop singing! I don't know why! But the songs "Set fire to the Rain" by ADELE and "Dear John" by Taylor Swift were just stuck in my head all day!

       Later that day, Hailey Shumate (she also came with us to Pirmasens) told me that "Set Fire to the Rain" would always remind her of me from now on. Then it got me thinking, what songs remind me of which people? I came up with a lot just for our family. Here are the results.

Dad -

1. Without a doubt- Hotel California by Eagles reminds me of my dad! Every time we listen to his iPod that is the first song we hear.

2. Of course, this song reminds me of my dad just because he's the one who first showed me this song, and its truly one of my favorite old-ish songs. It brings back such good memories! :)

 3. The next song is one of the FEW contemporary songs that my dad actually likes. I also love how he changes the lyrics to " And my daddy said stay away from Giuliana!"
Listen to Love Story (it should start playing when you go to the website)
(it won't let me listen to that song here in Germany on Youtube)

4. The last song that reminds me of my dad is.. "Fire" by The Pointer Sisters! If you've noticed, a lot of the songs my daddy likes have to do with Romeo and Juliet. Just saying. Hahaha

Bryan -
The only reason I bought this song on iTunes was because Bryan kept on singing this song over Christmas break and it kinda grew on me! So here is "I Just Wanna Run" by Downtown Fiction. An alternate version he likes to sing is "I just wanna smootch!"


Remember when Clint set the background of our little Nokia phone to Lady Madonna, that he composed on the phone? Well I will forever associate that song with him!


1. Of course. Is there any question why this reminds me of Spencer?
2. Bootsaneenee! Bootsaneenee! Bootsaneene Bootsanee-nay!


She used to hate this song, but now she thinks its catchy. I really don't associate many song with Mom because we like the same music. But this song really does remind me of her!

Listen to Fire Burning by Sean Kingston (you will probably not like it) but oh well :) Mom likes it. Because it says "birthday cake" in the lyrics.

Songs are funny, like that. I have so many good memories associated with these songs! I'm glad I got to share!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Dentist-Then and Now

     When I was growing up, I was never afraid or nervous to go to the Dentist.  In fact, I quite looked forward to going to the dentist because I knew that when my check up was done I would get to pick a toy out of the "treasure box".  We always went to the same dentist, Dr. Gilbert.  He had an office
quite close to our house and usually my mom drove me but as I got older, I often got to ride my bike.        He had a small dental office on Union Street on the upstairs level of this building that also had tenants living in the building.   The waiting room was the worst part of his office because in that day and age people were allowed to smoke and there was always some smoker sitting there waiting to be called in for their appointment.  Also the music that was played in the office was from WROW which was was a station that played horrible elevator music.  The good thing about his office was he always had some "Highlights" magazines and I could catch up on the latest issues.                                            When I was in elementary school and had a dentist appointment, I only saw Dr. Gilbert.  There was no dental hygienist at that time that looked me over and cleaned my teeth.  I suppose Dr. Gilbert did it all.  I do remember he had a secretary or office manager who handled the appointments and billing but that was about it.  She sat at a desk against a wall and there was always a white florescent light shining above her appointment book.  She was always the one to call me in.     As Dr. Gilbert worked on my teeth he would often hum to the bad elevator music that played in his office.  His hum was quite nasal but I'm thinking he must have liked that kind of music.  Sometimes he would even break out with the lyrics of the song but usually he was just humming along.  I must have been in 4th or 5th grade when I found out I had a cavity.  I was not scared to get a filling and in fact it proved to be quite an enjoyable experience.  Why was it so enjoyable?  Because Dr. Gilbert used Nitrous Oxide!  Every time I had a cavity filled, I got nitrous oxide.  I remember being in the chair and he would put the mask on me and start the nitrous oxide.  What a sensation, as if I was moving futher away into a tunnel and yet there I sat.  I was still aware of everything he said to me but the sensation was most enjoyable.  At that time I didn't even realize the numbing shot was painful.  Everyone always called Nitrous oxide, laughing gas and I couldn't understand why it was called laughing gas as I never laughed.  One day, when I was probably 13 or so, I found myself at the dentist getting a cavity filled.  I got some laughing gas and my mind wandered to something that struck me as funny and I started laughing.  I realized then why it was called laughing gas because it was really hard to stop laughing about this dumb thing I had thought of.  Ahhh...these wonderful memories of the dentist.  By the time I got to high school Dr. Gilbert had hired himself a hygienist and that was the first time I had ever heard of such a thing.  She was alright but I really liked Dr. Gilbert as he was friendly to me and pretty funny.  Below is a picture of Dr. Gilbert.  He is the man, second from the left wearing the plaid jacket.  He looks just as I remember him although I remember he wore glasses at some point but probably when he was older.  I was 11 years old when this picture was taken.
So, why am I blogging about the dentist?  Mostly because yesterday I went to the dentist and I looked around and realized how much dentistry has changed through the years.  First of all I spend most of my time with the hygienist.  She sets me up in a chair, gives me a bib and safety glasses and then she herself puts on gloves, a mask and safefy glasses as well. Thank you very much aids virus.    I don't think Dr. Gilbert had any of this stuff on except a white or green dental jacket. I'm wondering if he wore any kind of gloves or if he just washed his hands a lot, but I just don't recall that detail and I'm thinking he didn't wear gloves when I was young.  After the hygienist is done scraping away at my teeth, blowing air on them, brushing them, flossing them and then squirting water on them and sucking it up with a tube, I wait for the dentist to show up and look at my teeth.  He spends about 1 minute of his time poking around and making pronouncements about my teeth while the hygienist is busily recording everything he says.  Then that's it, I'm free to go.  I hardly said an entire sentence to the dentist and I'm not even sure what his name was. I think it was Dr. Lee, but I only know that because they have pictures of all the workers in this Dental office and I noticed his picture and his name underneath the picture.  So, gone are the days of a sink to rinse and spit into next to the dental chair.  Gone are the days when the dentist does all of the cleaning, and brushing.  Gone are the days of laughing gas. Gone are the days when the dentist will actually have a nice conversation with you.   I should make one more comment about laughing gas.  When I was in college a conversation was struck up about going to the dentist.  All my friends told me how they hated the dentist.  When I asked why they said, because it was painful!  I remember asking them, "Didn't your dentist use laughing gas?"  They all looked at me like I had corn growing out of my ears.  I came to realize that most dentists did not use nitrous oxide on their patients.  In fact, since leaving home and having to find many dentists through the years, I have yet to find one that uses it.  I have come to dread going to the dentist because it mostly means pain.  My appointment yesterday was the least painful in years.  I got a good report except I was informed that I needed to replace 3 fillings as they were very old.  So old in fact, I'm quite sure they are fillings Dr. Gilbert put in when I was a kid. I couldn't help think, soon to be gone the last physical evidence of Dr. Gilbert's workings on my teeth. The one thing I know about getting  these fillings replaced;  it certainly won't be as enjoyable as the first time they got filled.  Three cheers for Dr. Gilbert!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


The first time I ever tried Sushi was in Alabama.  Yes, Alabama!  Clint was getting ready for his mission to Taiwan and right before we were to leave for Utah I told Clint I would take him our to lunch.  He picked this place called Tokoyo, which was a Japenese Restaurant right there in Prattville.  Clint showed me what to order, and how to eat it.  I was hooked!  Since that day I have loved Sushi and have since tried many different kinds of Sushi at different places.  There is a place in Utah called Sushi-ya that my boys love going to.  You can pay 20 dollars for all you can eat Sushi but you better make sure you can eat what you order, otherwise they will make you pay extra for what you don't eat.  It's a good place to try all different kinds of Sushi.  So, recently Giuliana had a really good Laurels class activity.  They asked Sister Ford who is 100% Japenese to come in and teach them how to make Sushi.    That evening they walked out with some beautiful looking Sushi.Giuliana told me that it was quite easy and she thought we could make it at home. I was excited at the prospect and went out and bought all the ingredients to make our own homemade Sushi.  Weeks went by and we never got around to making this Sushi.  Then one day Misa Ford asked our family to come over for a Sushi night at their house. Did we ever!  It just so happened Spencer and Bryan were home for the holidays and they were really looking forward to this dining experience.  This experience didn't disappint and I found out that sushi can be a build your own experience-kind of like building a taco.  It doesn't have to be little round discs.  It can be cone shaped or taco shaped.  We had all sorts of things to put in it as well like, shrimp, chicken, (cooked of course), smoked salmon, pickled radish, cucumber, avocado, imitation crab and rice.  It was a wonderful experience.

As I was straining my brain on what to get Giuliana for Christmas I came across an interesting gadget.  It is called a Sushezi and it makes Sushi.  I read the reviews on it and it sounded pretty good so I got it for her.  She loved it!  Now all we had to do was try it out to see if it really worked.  When we heard Mark Gillespie got his mission call to Japan we decided in honor of his mission call we would make a batch of Sushi for dinner using the Sushezi. 
Here is what it looks like out of the box.  It opens up and you take the plunger thing out.  You fill up the cavity with rice and then put whatever you like in the middle, shrimp, tuna avocado, whatever.  Then you snap it closed like the top picture and you take the plunger and push it out of the end!
You push it out onto some seaweed paper and wrap the paper around it and wet the seam so it's closed.  Cut it in slices and....................
Walla!  Beautiful Sushi.  Pretty cool huh!  We put avocado and shrimp an in one.  crab and cucumber in the other.  Both were delicious.  We dipped them in soy sauce mixed with wasabi.  Delish!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Victorian Day

A few weeks ago, Giuliana had to participate in Victorian Day.  This is a day she was not supposed to use technology such as computers, cars, TV's, radio, or dishwashers.  She was supposed to spend her day doing things that were being done in Vicotorian days.  Well, I have a vague idea of when the Victorian Age was and I believe it was most of the 1800's and perhaps even early 1900's.  I suppose Giuliana is studying about Britain because when I think of the 1800's in the US I think of the civil war, I think of the wild west, and I think of expansion. I don't think about refined people in refined clothes sipping tea and visiting manors for weeks at a time.  (Yes, I've read Pride and Predjudice!)  Anyway, if you have been reading my posts you saw how Giuliana was dressed as I posted some pictures of her.  I thought it would be fun to post the video she made of her Victorian Day.  She handed this video in instead of writing a report about it and her teacher loved it.  I didn't realize I was featured in it until it was a completed project and she showed it to her class!  How embarassing, I'm actually in my pajamas but luckily my face isn't featured.  Enjoy!

So speaking of Victorian day, I actually own 2 pieces of furniture that come from that time period.  The first one that many of you have seen is my grandfather clock.  I bought this at an antique store it it comes froms Leed's England.  It is approximately 200 years old, with a hand painted face.  I really love it although it doesn't keep excact time I often look at it and wonder whose house it was in and who owned it.

This second piece of furniture is not from England at all so technically it is probably not "Victorian".  But it comes from the same time period.  This piece of furniture is called a "Fire Trunk"  This furniture was used in a mill and the top of it can lift off like a trunk.  You can see the handles on the side.  So if there was a fire they didn't need to get the whole piece out.  They could store their most important documents on the top half and lift it off the base and make a run for it.  Anyway, I'm just doing my part in honor of Giuliana's Victorian Day!