Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Plants and Trees

In 2010 I received a beautiful Orchid from the German couple who rent their house to us.  It had 2 beautiful blooms on it that lasted for months.  Eventually, by March, the petals on the blooms fell off, one by one, and I was left with a funny looking plant.  The plant has big green leaves on the bottom and the roots were climbing up our of the pot and then there was this green stick sticking up from the pot.  I was told to just keep watering it once a week or so and maybe it would bloom again.  So that's what I did.  This past October I noticed the plant was changing.  By mid November I had a gorgeous orchid once again but this time with 6 blooms!  I love this Orchid and it brings some cheeriness to the dreary rainy days we often have in Germany.

                                                              Here is a close up view.

Here you can see the big green leaves and the roots trying to escape the pot.  You can imagine what this plant looks like when the blooms fall off.

                                        This is how it looks as of January 4, 2012.  Beautiful!

 We have had a really mild winter so far this year.  This I am happy about.  I took a few pictures in mid November just to show that I still had a Geranium in bloom and still had yellow leaves hanging on for dear life outside my kitchen window.  Sadly the yellow leaves are gone but my Geranium is still alive and thriving on my back porch.

                                Here are my hedges in the back yard.  Quite pretty in the autumn.
 Here is a view out my back window.  You can see the farmer behind us has a Christmas Tree farm.

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