Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here I am and it is late January.  For some reason we have had a thaw and everything is flooding.  You can compare them to my blog above.
Here is the glan river and it has spilled over it's banks.  In fact you would never know there were any banks to begin with.
Here Paul and I are riding over this bridge. In my earlier post you can see the exact same picture except we aren't in it and the water is lower.

Here is our bike path.  We really couldn't ride down that way as we would have been up to our waist in water so we rode the way Paul is facing and didn't have any problems.  


  1. Wow! You better ride with your life jackets on! The water level is rising! Looks like a beautiful place to ride bikes though.

  2. I know! It actually scared me a little bit because even though you can't tell, the water was really moving swiftly and so I was nervous getting too close. These pictures make it look really glass like but it wasn't.